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The safety of employees and of the general public is of vital concern to the management of Steel Suppliers Erectors, Inc. It is our intent to conduct all operations of the company in a safe, healthy, and efficient manner for the protection of our employees and of the general public.

Our goal is to have ‘ZERO INCIDENTS’ on all of our job sites. We are committed to providing each employee with a safe and healthy working environment.  Our policy is to follow operating practices and procedures that will result in safe, healthy and efficient operation.

The superintendent and the foreman lead our teams to achieve our goal of zero incidents. They have knowledge and experience to recognize unsafe conditions.  These are the committed individuals who are in constant touch with all employees and are aware of conducting a safe, healthy, and efficient working environment. 

Our employees are required to look out for their own safety and health conditions.  They are trained to observe all safety and health standards related to his/her work.  She/he will immediately report any unsafe working conditions or practices to his/her foreman.  Our  commitment to our safety goal is to conduct all work in a safe, healthy, and efficient manner and in accordance with the accepted safety standards of the trade and the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970(OSHA).

We believe that we will ACHIEVE our safety goal ‘ZERO INCIDENTS’ by working together in a proactive manner and prevent accidents from happening on our job sites.